Newly named orchid

Margaret Nakahara's orchid received a score of 83 points and was given an Award of Merit by the American Orchid Society.  It is now known internationally with the new name attachment : ”Tama – Leah” and the identification AM/AOS to indicate that this plant is worthy of recognition by the American Orchid Society.


Photos courtesy of Judy Higham



Wayne’s Bonsai Geranium


A Moments Contemplation

By: Wayne Smith

May 5th 2016

Did the Garden clubs contest rules say no Bonsai Geraniums?

I think not.  And why not, I say to myself.

My humble contest geranium, small and hopeful sat  near a much loved, and as of yet never been planted in Bonsai pot.

The plant destined in my mind for greatness on the garden clubs table of winning geraniums, was placed for a moment in the new bonsai pot.  Black plastic pocked up above the low bonsai container. A burst of unruly foliage spread north and south.

I watched the plant  for a day or two, noticed its lean, its foliage contrasting, yet blending with its glossy olive green ceramic pot.

I saw the roots being washed, the plant fitted to its new miniature home, roots spread, the stem placed just so with a little lean out and up.  Lime green, burgundy leaves reaching for life.

And what about some moss around the base?  Hmm... maybe.  More contemplation.

With time, contemplation turned to decision.

The little olive coloured vessel with its burden of love now rests neatly in a Japanese setting by my outdoor kitchen.

I lean back between meals to enjoy my geranium, it's  harmony with pot and plants on a yellow cedar table.

How nice to sit and think for a moment, the big back breaking jobs in the garden on hold.

A little Bosnia geranium in a small pot.

Why not?