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NEW SINCE MAY 28, 2020

The West Vancouver Library has upcoming zoom talks on gardening. Anyone from any area can participate. There will be a maximum of 100 people participating in each session.

June 3 – Zoom Talk ‘Resilient Gardens in a Changing Climate’ 7:00-8:30 p.m. Our weather is changing with stormier winters and drier summers. Join Linda Gilkeson to learn how our extreme weather affects the range of plants in our gardens and how you can design resilient food and ornamental gardens to help plants thrive. To register click here.

June 5 - Growing Incredible Edibles in Containers (and Other Small Spaces) Andrea Bellamy, author of Small Space Vegetable Gardens, will show you how to grow vegetables in containers to create an attractive display and bountiful crop. To register click here.

June 10– Zoom Talk ‘Year Round Organic Gardening’ 7:00-8:30 p.m. Linda Gilkeson is many gardeners’ favourite speakers. She will share her experiences on practical but important organic practices to keep our gardens healthy and productive. To register click here.

The Chelsea Flower Show 2020 has gone virtual.  Click here for more information

West Coast Seeds Planting Guide for Fall and Winter can be found here

Walking through my neighbourhood I have noticed that many people are now vegetable gardening on the verge.  To view these pictures click here.

NEW SINCE MAY 21, 20102:

The May Leaf and Links document are posted here.

The Loutet Farmer's Market is open and operating on Wednesdays 2pm-4pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm. They are taking a variety of precautions to prioritize everyone’s health and safety. Please follow these recommendations:

  • Shop – don’t stop and gather
  • Cash-free payments are encouraged
  • No dogs allowed in the shopping area
  • Keep 2 m distance between yourself and other customers
  • No parking on site (street parking only, walking/biking encouraged
  • No washrooms available to the public

VanDusen Gardens are now open to the public. Tickets must be purchased on line in advance. click here for more information.

Border Free Bees, in conjunction with Vancouver Master Gardeners, invites you to participate in a unique opportunity to help our pollinators. Did you know that pollinators are responsible for one in every three bites we take? These pollinators are in peril due to pesticides, diseases and loss of habitat. The good news is that we can all be part of the solution to reverse the situation simply by creating pollinator friendly areas that provide the habitat, food and protection they need to survive and thrive. You can support these crucial pollinators by taking the Pollinator Pathway Challenge. All it takes is one square metre of land, a handful of seeds, and a little love for plants and pollinators. Click here for more information.

The Wilderness Committee is dedicated to preserving wilderness, protecting wildlife, defending parks, safeguarding public resources and fighting for a healthy climate. For more information click here

NEW SINCE MAY 16, 2020:

The Organic Gardening Podcast is hosted by Chris Collins and Sarah Brown. Every episode includes what to do this month, questions and advice, plus fascinating interviews with well known growers. The May 6 episode addresses No Dig gardening with Charles Dowding and tips on lockdown gardening.
Summer is fast approaching and is often a good  time to propagate shrubs from softwood cuttings.  Information on how to do this can be found in this Fine Gardening article.
Two good books on plant propagation can also be found at the North Vancouver District Public Library:
NEW SINCE MAY 8, 2020:

Doug Tallamy is a professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, where he has authored eighty research articles and has taught Insect Taxonomy, Behavioral Ecology, Humans and Nature, and other courses for thirty-two years. Chief among his research goals is to better understand the many ways insects interact with plants and how such interactions determine the diversity of animal communities.

His book “Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens” is a very interesting read and is available  at the North Vancouver District Public Library. For more information visit the “Bringing Nature Home” Website.

The Fraser Valley conservancy has published a good resource “Gardening with Native Plants"

The Native Plant Society of BC also has  information on native plants.


The Veggimate Presentation from the February meeting is now posted on this page.

The West Vancouver Library is facilitating a virtual tour of Lighthouse Park on zoom with Egan Davis on May 3.  For more information click here.


Interested in identifying some of the birds that are in your garden?  Bird Watcher's Digest has  a Bird Identification Guide on their website.

Renee's Garden is a seed company from California.  There are many gardening resources on their website.

UBC Botanical Garden has a section on their website called April 2020 in the Neighbourhood which highlights a few common plants that people are likely to encounter in their own neighbourhoods. This will be updated as different plants come into bloom, for as long as access to public gardens is restricted and social-distancing recommendations continue.


Interested in becoming a Master Gardener? Applications are now being accepted for the January 2021 program.  Click here for more information.

Loutet Farm will be holding their Seedling and Compost Sale at Loutet Farm on Saturday, May 9 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.There will be volunteers making sure social distancing and other protocols are in place. They will also have Saturday summer market days as well, selling fresh produce.

Gardening Australia is an hour long weekly video podcast.  It has many interesting stories and relevant tips and information for gardeners in all regions of the world. There is also a website with fact sheets and more information from the show

The Oregon State University online Master Gardener Course has made their Vegetable Gardening short course (4-6 hours) available for FREE for the month of April.

"In Vegetable Gardening, you will learn how to select a site, prepare soil and plant vegetables properly as well as gain skills to successfully produce food and identify common insect and disease problems. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe what factors to consider in selecting the best site for a vegetable garden
  • Prepare the soil, and plant properly, for a successful vegetable garden
  • Utilize season extenders, crop rotation, watering, fertilization and other techniques for successful food production
  • Identify common insect and disease problems in vegetable gardens"

Available at: OSU Master Gardener Series: Vegetable Gardening Course

Linda Gilkeson has made her YEAR ROUND HARVEST course notes (pdf) available  by clicking HERE ( Course Login )

Password:  honeycrisp then you must click the SUBMIT button

Here is what is presently available from Linda:

Year Around Harvest ©2020

1. Garden Plans and Seed Starting (pdf)

2. Soil, Nutrients and Amendments (pdf)

3. Spring Garden (pdf)

4. Containers, Small Gardens, Greenhouses (pdf)


The Epic Gardening podcast is a daily gardening tips and advice show brought to you by Kevin Espiritu, an urban gardener, hydroponics enthusiast, and all-around plant lover. In this particular episode he talks about growing your own toilet paper!

Interested in attracting butterflies to your garden?  Two kinds of plant are needed -  one  to draw the adult butterfly, and, more importantly one to provide food for the young larvae. HAT (Habitat Acquisition Trust) on Vancouver Island has information on their website about which plants will attract different kinds of butterflies.  Click here for the link.


Information on sowing seeds indoors using soil blockers submitted by Judith B. can be found on this page - scroll down to "Sowing Seeds".

An entertaining article "In Praise of Garden Clubs" written by Des Kennedy and published in one of the 2002 Garden Wise Magazines can be found here.

House Beautiful has posted 5 virtual tours of gardens from England, France, Chicago and Hawaii. Click here for the link and enjoy.


Pest Alert: Asian Giant Hornet.  For more information click here.

The March 2020 Leaf is posted here.

Visit our new section Veggimates' corner for information on growing vegetables and starting seeds. (Click on link at the top of this page to find the subsections).

Check the calendar for upcoming events.

About the Lynn Valley Garden Club

Lynn Valley Garden Club has a long history on the North Shore, being first established in 1943. The club meets the third Thursday of every month, except in July and August, and has a Member's Garden tour in July. Each meeting has a "Bright Spot" session, where members bring in plants from their garden to show and talk about. Each month a guest speaker is invited, usually a plant specialist from the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island. An annual plant sale takes place every May, which is very popular with local residents as many plants brought in by members are heritage plants from long-established gardens. Funds raised at the plant sale are donated to various local charities, and the BC Council of Garden Clubs for gardening scholarships. Field Trips during the year also take place, to out-of-town nurseries, garden centres, and garden shows.

Read more about the Lynn Valley Garden Club history here.

For a copy of the Lynn Valley Garden Club constitution, please click here

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The Lynn Valley Garden Club meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:15 pm except in July and August. The meetings are held at St. Stephen's Parish Hall, 1360 24 St E, Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. (Just off of Mountain Highway)
For membership enquiries please contact the club. Non-members may attend meetings for $5.00. We invite you to come, listen to our speaker (for upcoming speakers click here), share a cup of tea (please bring your own mug) and if you decide to join the $5.00 will be deducted off of your yearly fee. Annual membership fee is $20.00.

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