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A Dangerous Garden Thug Exposed: Daphne laureola

Beautiful in your garden but be aware

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Grow me instead – This Grow Me Instead Brochure profiles BC’s most unwanted horticultural plants, along with their recommended alternatives

Introduced Species and Biodiversity Video

Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Japanese Beetle: PEST ALERT: Japanese Beetle We have been seeing the traps around greater Vancouver, now CFIA has confirmed that Japanese Beetle has been found in False Creek. This small shiny green beetle causes major devastation. If you have not read the letter from Gary Lewis of Pheonix Perennials please view it here.The Japanese Beetle is an invasive species which feeds on the roots of grass and more than 300 plant species.  It has been found in Vancouver and a regulated area haas been established to restrict movement of soil, leaves and plant parts from moving out of the infested area.  for more information on what is being done, click here. Report any insect that you suspect could be a Japanese beetle to the CFIA or call 1-800-442-2342

Observeatree is a UK  project about establishing a tree health early warning system. A wealth of information on pests and diseases can be found on their resource page. This information is available to read, download or watch.

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