Upcoming Speakers

February 20, 2020


6:15 PM (before regular meeting)

Please join us as we revisit the requirements for seed-growing success. We will try to cover containers, soil, water, light, heat, choosing seeds etc and to answer any questions you may have. There will be Westcoast Seeds to hand out and start growing for the Plant Sale.

8 PM or so (after the business meeting)

Whether you grow your veggies from seed or buy them at the Plant Sale, how can you successfully grow them? As the “speaker” of the evening, members of the club will talk about their favourite vegetables and herbs and what they have learned about planting, growing and harvesting them

March 19, 2020

Joanne Melville - Restoring The Garden at Hycroft

April 16, 2020

Chris Jennings - Shade Plants

Chris founded the Vancouver Shade Garden Society in 2003 and has been its President for most of the time since then. The Society has focussed on learning all about shade-loving plants and how to grow them well. On their journey, they have learned an enormous amount of interesting information, and Chris is always happy to pass on knowledge of shade gardening to other interested clubs, by way of slide presentations and handouts. He gives broad general presentations on shade gardening, while highlighting many common and unusual shade plants, as well as gives detailed presentations on specific families of shade plants.