Upcoming Speakers

September 20, 2018

Rob Callahan

Topic: The Urban Beekeeper

Rob Callahan says, “As far as work goes, I’m an architect: post-secondary education took about nine years, resulting in a college diploma & three university degrees. This was followed by four years of internship leading to registration, and I have been registered for twenty-four years. As for free time, I enjoy a wide range of activities: camping, photography, skiing, sketching, GARDENING, lawn bowling, BONSAI and, of course, bee keeping. The bee keeping started about five years ago, after several visits to friends in Burnaby who had a number of hives: I found them fascinating! A weekend course was taken and so it began….”

October 18, 2018

Christine Allen - Downsizing the Dream: from Killara Farm to Grand Folly

November 15, 2018

Elizabeth Elle - Pollinators for North Shore gardens

January 17, 2019

Anne Pentland and/or Thanushi Eagalle - The Edible Garden Project

February 25, 2019

Linda Gilkerson

March 21, 2019

Ray Norris - Bonsai