Upcoming Speakers

November 15, 2018

Elizabeth Elle - Planting for pollinators:  the bees of your backyard, and how you can support them with flowers.

Come learn about the diversity of BC pollinators (we have about 450 species of bee in BC!), why some pollinators are declining, and what we all can do as gardeners to help in their conservation.

Elizabeth Elle is currently Vice Provost for Learning & Teaching at Simon Fraser University.  She has been at SFU for 19 years, and studying pollination for over 25 years.  Her main areas of interest are the biodiversity and conservation of pollinators in natural areas, and the importance of our wild pollinators for crop production on farms.  Some of her conservation work has taken Elizabeth and her students into the gardens and parks of southern BC; resulting in useful information she enthusiastically shares with municipal government and the general public.  She lives in Lynn Valley and is looking forward to sharing with our garden club.

January 17, 2019

Anne Pentland and/or Michael Denhamer - The Edible Garden Project

February 25, 2019


March 21, 2019

Ray Norris - Bonsai