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The Buzz on Bees in Canada

The buzz on bees in Canada - From Canadian Gardening - By Stephen Westcott-Gratton

Gardeners across Canada are talking a lot about bees this summer; like everyone else, we’re concerned about hive collapse, honeybee parasites (mites and fungi), pesti­cides in general and neonicotinoids (NNIs) in particular.... For the rest of the article click on the link here.

Don’t judge species on their origin

Article about the native-vs-alien  species dichotomy

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Insecticide toxic to bees promoted to kill Vancouver chafer beetles (CBC News website)

A chemical insecticide that's being widely promoted to Vancouver homeowners who have had their lawns destroyed by chafer beetles is "highly toxic to bees" and should not be used, warns an SFU biologist.

The insecticide Merit, manufactured by Bayer, contains the active ingredient imidacloprid — one of the controversial neonicotinoid pesticides that face increasing restrictions worldwide because of the risk they pose to bees.

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